Could You Be “Sipping” Into Bad Dental Habits?

Soft Drinks

Summertime means carefree beach picnics and outdoor barbecues with coolers full of sodas. While it’s fun to kick back with something to sip, keep in mind that popular soft drinks need to be drunk in moderation to protect not just to manage your weight, but also your teeth. The acid in soft drinks (even diet varieties) weakens your tooth enamel. And the longer you spend sipping over a period of hours, the longer the acid attack is prolonged.

Williamsburg Dental suggests that you make sure water is part of your summertime diet, especially since it dilutes the effects of the sugar acid and helps wash away food particles.

“At the very least, swish some water around in your mouth after your meal to help get rid of some of the residue left by that sweet drink,” says Dr. Lamb.

Why not consider thirst-quenching watermelon for dessert? This delicious fruit is loaded with water and will prevent your mouth from drying out, a real plus since dry mouth can also increase our risk for tooth decay. Watermelon also is chock full of Vitamin C and Vitamin A, plus other beneficial antioxidants.