Custom Mouthguard Broomall, PA

Do you need a new mouthguard for the upcoming sports season? At Williamsburg Dental, we provide custom mouthguards for our patients as part of our general dentistry services. They will protect the teeth during sports and prevent dental injuries and tooth loss. Wearing a mouthguard during contact sports can prevent the need for cosmetic or restorative care down the road.

Patients can also wear mouthguards over their metal braces to protect their brackets and wires. If you or your child participates in contact sports we recommend a custom mouthguard to protect both dental health and your investment in your smile.

Sports Mouthguards in Broomall, Pennsylvania

Store-Bought vs. Professional Mouthguards

Mouthguards found in the store often do not provide the custom-fit of professionally made mouthguards. Store-bought mouthguards do not conform to teeth, meaning that patients may feel the need to clench their teeth to keep them in place. These mouthguards may not last as long and often become misshapen.

Custom mouthguards are meant to stay in the mouth. Dental impressions are taken to make your mouthguard and to ensure it will fit properly and feel comfortable in your mouth. Custom-made sports mouthguards also make it easier for patients to speak and drink with the mouthguard in place.


Williamsburg Dental offers the Agility Guard, a high-quality custom mouthguard used by many professional athletes. The Agility Guard is customized to your natural bite and fits snugly over your teeth without having to be held in place by biting down. Studies have shown that athletes wearing a custom mouthguard can stay focused on their performance.

Receive Your Mouthguard Today

Have you noticed changes in the fit of your mouthguard? Contact Williamsburg Dental for a new, custom-made sports mouthguard today at (610) 347-8302. You may also feel free to request a dental appointment with our dentists online. If you have any questions about your treatment options, please let our team know at your next visit. They will always be happy to assist you.