Dental Myths Dispelled

We’ve noticed that many Williamsburg Dental patients ask us similar questions over the years. As a result, we thought we’d address some of them in this week’s dental blog:

Q: I’m a denture wearer who gained a lot of weight this year. Is this going to affect the fit of my dentures?

A: Significant weight gain can lead to swollen gums and/or feelings of pressure which could affect the way your dentures fit.

Q: Can professional teeth whitening harm my teeth?

A: When performed by a professional dental team, teeth whitening is highly effective and safe. You may experience minor tooth sensitivity and/or gum redness for a temporary, short period, but this will not affect the strength of your teeth.

Q: Will my teenager need to have his or her wisdom teeth removed?

A: The chief reasons wisdom teeth need removal are because they don’t have room to erupt and function properly or are already crowding your teeth. You should also keep in mind that extraction of wisdom teeth doesn’t mean you won’t experience future shifting or crowding of your teeth due to other reasons.

Q: Can diet soda harm my teeth? After all, it doesn’t contain sugar, right?

A: Even without sugar, diet soda is still highly acidic and can damage the surface of your tooth enamel. Check out what Colgate has to say about diet soda here.

Q: Will an aspirin placed directly on a tooth help my toothache?

A: No! And, in addition to tasting yucky, you could burn your gums or lips. Swallow the aspirin just like you would for a headache or other pain issue where it will be absorbed into the bloodstream. And call your dentist!