Laser Dentistry Broomall, PA

Laser dentistry is a modern treatment method used for restorative, cosmetic, and general dental treatments. Dental lasers are precise and accurate dental tools that offer less invasive treatment than other surgical methods. Lasers are handheld devices that use concentrated energy and light wavelengths to target hard and soft tissues. We may recommend the use of dental lasers for your specific oral health needs.

Laser Dentistry in Broomall, Pennsylvania

Benefits of Dental Lasers

There are multiple advantages to laser dentistry. Dental lasers:

  • Help regenerate tissue
  • Support quick healing
  • Do not require stitches
  • Reduces the risk of infections
  • Offer more efficient care
  • Do not damage surrounding tissue
  • Provide precise treatment
  • Minimize bleeding and swelling

Compared to other surgical methods, dental lasers come with less discomfort and pain. Laser dentistry is a comfortable and safe treatment for our dental patients.

Laser Dentistry in Broomall, PA

We use a small diode laser to provide these effective treatments to our patients:

  • Gum Contouring: Patients with a gummy smile, or excessive gum tissue covering their teeth, can receive gum contouring with a dental laser. During this treatment, the laser cuts the gums to show more of the tooth enamel. Reshaping the gums creates aesthetically pleasing end results.
  • Cavity prep: dental lasers can be used to remove infected tooth structure before placing a filling. The use of a laser enables us to preserve as much healthy enamel as possible with a less invasive treatment modality.

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