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The dental team at Williamsburg Dental dedicates itself to ensuring everyone can access the highest quality dental care. While our office is in Broomall, our doors are open to patients looking for a dentist in Springfield, PA, and the surrounding areas. We provide top-notch dental care in a comfortable environment for all ages.springfield, pennsylvania dentist office

Age-Specific Dental Care

Our bodies go through changes and different stages as we move through life, and our mouths aren’t different. The dental problems that prominently impact toddlers probably aren’t the same as those common in adulthood. As a family dentist office, we provide age-specific care targeted for your life stage.

Toddlers and young children are most susceptible to tooth decay. Their diets are usually high in sugar, and they aren’t always diligent in brushing their teeth correctly. Dental sealants help us provide an extra layer of protection against cavities. We paint them onto the molars in areas most likely to collect food debris and bacteria, so there’s another barrier between them and your tooth structure.

Young adulthood brings problems with wisdom teeth. Usually, our mouths don’t have room for this extra set of molars. If they erupt, they can make your teeth cramped and crooked. If they’re impacted, they can cause pain and infection. Wisdom tooth removal prevents these problems from becoming bigger issues.

Seniors are the most likely group to have missing teeth. Tooth loss happens to many adults as they age. Not only can this impact your confidence, but it can also make eating and speaking difficult. Missing teeth also have other consequences, like bone loss and sagging facial muscles. We offer multiple tooth replacement options to complete your smile again.

The Gold Standard of Tooth Replacement

Many tooth replacement options exist for missing teeth, but dental implants are the best option. They’re the only solution that replaces the tooth root in addition to the crown. This comes with various benefits that other restorations can’t match.

When you lose your tooth root, the jawbone immediately starts to deteriorate in that area. Your facial muscles rely on that bone structure and start to sag as it wears away. The teeth surrounding the area move and shift to fill the gaps. A dental implant post placed in the bone prevents shifting and stops jawbone deterioration. It can even regenerate some of your bone structure.

Because of this tooth root replacement, implants look and feel the most like natural teeth. Custom restorations designed to match your existing teeth complete the implant so it blends correctly. Unlike removable dentures and bridges, you also get back 100% of your bite function. You don’t have to give up any favorite foods in your diet.

Dental implants have extremely high success rates. They’re also a restoration built to last for life. It’s a permanent solution to your missing tooth. Because the jawbone doesn’t continue to change, you don’t need adjustments or replacements in the future. A smile completed with dental implants is one you can be confident in.

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