What Can Dental Crowns Fix?

Do you have a damaged or worn tooth? Are injured teeth creating a bite imbalance? We may recommend dental crowns. Crowns act as caps to fully cover and protect single teeth. We work with local dental labs to provide natural-looking, durable dental crowns to ensure that they blend in with the look of adjacent teeth. Learn more about what dental crowns can do for your smile in our Broomall, PA, dental office.

dental crowns in Broomall, PA

Treatment with Dental Crowns in Broomall, PA

Tooth crowns can address many dental problems and are often utilized in other dental restorations to renew the health and appearance of the smile. Dental crowns can address:

Large Dental Fillings

If you have a large dental filling, you may be prone to damage to your tooth or adjacent teeth. Natural biting forces to large dental fillings can lead to cracks and breaks in the filling and natural teeth.

We can remove large dental fillings and place dental crowns over teeth to prevent further damage and pain to the teeth.

Worn Tooth Enamel

Acidic foods and drinks, teeth clenching and grinding, and dental injuries will wear down the tooth enamel. The enamel is the outer layer of the tooth. Wear or damage to the tooth enamel can create tooth sensitivity and pain.

Worn teeth can also appear darker than other natural teeth if they show dentin, a darker layer beneath the outer tooth enamel. Dental crowns cover and protect sensitive teeth and create brighter smiles.

Tooth Breaks and Fractures

Chips, cracks, and other damage to teeth can leave patients at risk of developing further oral health issues. Harmful bacteria can easily enter damaged teeth, affecting the blood vessels, cells, and nerves that keep teeth alive. Broken teeth are uncomfortable and create pain when biting and chewing.

Ultimately, patients who do not receive restorations to protect their damaged teeth may need a root canal or tooth extraction treatment. Dental crowns cover and protect damaged teeth to prevent further injuries and stop harmful bacteria from affecting the injured tooth.

Bridge-Supporting Teeth

Dental crowns cap teeth on either side of a tooth gap to support a traditional dental bridge. Bridges restore one or several consecutive missing teeth.

When providing traditional bridges, we shape natural teeth and prepare them for dental crowns. Crowns keep dental bridges in place and ensure that false teeth do not slip around the mouth.

Do you have tooth damage, wear, or large fillings that require treatment? Call Williamsburg Dental for dental crown treatment today at (610) 347-8302. You can also schedule a dental appointment with us online! Let us know if you have any questions about treatment or your candidacy for dental crowns. We’re here to help.