Is Comfortable Dental Care Possible?

Has it been years since your last dental visit? Do you avoid visiting the dentist due to a fear of pain? We’re here to help. Comfortable dental treatment is possible with customized care and sedation dentistry in our Broomall, PA, dental office. We accommodate treatments for our patients and utilize different types of dental sedation for relaxing, pain-free dental care in our office. Additionally, we aim to create a warm and friendly environment for each patient that enters our office, and our dental tools and approach to care is a reflection of our goals.

Is Comfortable Dental Care Possible?

Customized, Relaxing Dentistry

We understand that some patients avoid the dentist due to anxiety. Many patients may feel anxiety because of the fear of pain or discomfort. Other patients may fear pain because of their current dental problems. If patients avoid the dentist, they can develop dental problems that require care. However, patients can be self-conscious about these problems. Our office is a judgment-free space; we’re here to help patients improve their oral health and get a functional, healthy smile.

Additionally, we make accommodations for patients and welcome patients to contact us before their next visit. Patients can bring music, a blanket, and a loved one to their appointment in our office. We will also take breaks as needed and encourage communication. Clear communication between the dentist and the patient ensures that procedures are comfortable and offers patients the chance to share their specific needs during treatment.

Comfortable Dental Care with Sedation Dentistry in Broomall, PA

Dental sedation is a tool we usually use for more complex dental treatments, including oral surgery and tooth extractions. However, we can also use sedation if patients have severe anxiety or fear at routine cleanings.

The types of sedation we offer include IV sedation and oral conscious sedation. Intravenous sedation delivers anti-anxiety medication through an IV. Patients will not be aware of their treatment with this type of sedation, as most patients fall asleep. This is why IV sedation is often called twilight sedation.

Oral conscious sedation gets its name because patients will stay conscious during their procedures under this sedation method. Taken as a pill before treatment, oral conscious sedation will take time to work. Once oral conscious sedation takes effect, patients may be conscious and able to respond to their dentist but will not feel discomfort from their procedure. Oral conscious sedation is a great option for patients who fear needles and want an alternative to IV sedation.

If you fear pain but need dental care, call Williamsburg Dental for comfortable dental treatment in Broomall, PA, at (610) 347-8302. You can also schedule a dental consultation online. We’re here to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed in our office. Let us know if you require accommodation or have questions about your dental care.