Which Denture is Right for You?

When you’re missing multiple teeth, it can be difficult to perform daily functions. Talking, eating, and even sleeping can be uncomfortable or painful. With a denture in Broomall, PA, you may be able to restore your bite while improving your smile and oral health. However, there are a couple of different denture options to choose from. Before starting treatment, your dentist will examine your mouth to help determine which one may be best for you.

A Denture in Broomall PA may be able to restore your bite after tooth loss

Choosing a Denture in Broomall, PA

As with all restoration dentistry, choosing the right denture is crucial to ensure a successful treatment. Advances in denture and implant technology have widened the options available for patients with multiple missing teeth. When choosing which denture is right for you, you need to consider how many teeth you’re missing and whether or not you’re eligible for dental implants.

Partial Dentures

If you’re missing a few teeth in a row, a partial denture may be able to help restore your bite. Partial dentures are removable rows of fake teeth (pontics) that fit against your gum line and help complete your smile. Being able to remove a partial denture can often help improve oral hygiene and comfort. However, partial dentures aren’t the best choice for improved jaw stability or bite strength. Many patients use partial dentures as a temporary restoration solution while saving up money or getting pre-treatment for dental implants.

Complete Denture

If you’re missing an entire arch of teeth, a complete denture may be your best option for improving daily functions. Removable dentures can be beneficial to patients who struggle with limited mobility functions or other issues that could impact their oral health. Traditional dentures do tend to provide less stability, however, and patients may experience difficulty with speaking or chewing properly. Your dentist will work with you to help design a denture that fits comfortably for your bite to help reduce these complications.

Implant-Secured Denture

Most dentists agree that dental implants, whenever possible, are the best restoration option for missing teeth. Implants work to mimic the natural root structure of your tooth. This often provides improved jaw stability and strength. When using implants for bite restoration, your dentist will design your treatment to use a few implants as necessary. By strategically placing implants at key angles, your dentist can help provide maximum benefits. After placing the implants, your dentist will then design your denture. The denture is secured to the implants, often providing a stable and permanent restoration.

If you’re missing multiple teeth, a denture may be able to help restore your bite. Call Williamsburg Dental today at (610) 347-8302 to schedule a consultation and see if dentures are right for you.