More Reasons to Brush, Floss and Visit Your Dentist

Turns out that taking care of your teeth can mean a lot more for your overall well-being than just ensuring a healthy, beautiful smile.

In the last few years, Williamsburg Dental has noted study after study linking periodontal (gum) disease with other “systemic” (affecting the body) diseases like heart disease and dementia. A more recent study published in the Journal of Periodontology shows the results of a Chinese research project where more than 321,000 individuals were evaluated. The study found that those individuals with gum disease had a 1.24-fold increased risk of developing lung cancer and that women with periodontal disease were more likely than men to develop lung cancer.

Periodontal disease, which is believed to affect half of Americans over age 30, is highly treatable and, if caught early enough, can be reversed. While additional research is needed on the possible links between systemic diseases and periodontal disease, there’s enough evidence for us to know one thing for sure: Simply taking care of our teeth can reduce the risk of gum disease and possible risk of so many other maladies.