Get to Know Our Staff Better

Williamsburg Dental takes pleasure in introducing a new blog feature this month titled “Employee Spotlight.” Periodically, we’ll be highlighting one of the familiar faces you see here during your office visits by providing some fun background information to help you get to know us even better.

Rhonda Gibbons

Rhonda Gibbons

Meet RHONDA (GIBBONS), Williamsburg Dental Treatment Coordinator

1/ Pets?: One dog, one cat. Both are rescues!

2/ If I Had a Superpower, It Would Be: Time traveling

3/ People Might be Surprised to Know That: I’m a thrill junkie. I raced hover crafts, love sky diving, rode in a hot air balloon, and flew an airplane from DE to PA and back. Now I want to try zip-lining and hang gliding!

4/ Favorite Fruit: All berries

5/ Skill I Wish I Had: Speaking Italian fluently

6/ Favorite Season: Summer

7/ Childhood Nickname: “Tuss”

8/ I’m Happiest When: At the beach

9/ Favorite Sport: Baseball

10/ I Play: Piano and guitar