Tips from the Pros - Our Dental Hygiene Team

As we rapidly approach 2018, Lynn, Ida, Ceil ,Tricia, Michelle, Susan, Dottie, Angela and Lauren have teamed up to share their GREAT EIGHT: HEALTHY DENTAL HYGIENE TIPS FOR 2018!

#1 – Your brushing, flossing and even tongue-scraping goal is to get rid of harmful bacteria.

#2 – Are you a coffee/tea addict? Swish some water around in your mouth after your “cuppa” to help neutralize some of that damaging acid.

#3 – Your toothbrush needs some loving care, too. Rinse it after each use and air dry. Change your toothbrush every three or four months for best results.

#4 – If you’re having an oral issue, please don’t just save your questions for the doctors—tell us, too! We always check around your mouth but will be extra vigilant looking for any suspicious changes.

#5 – Midnight snacking? It’s bad for your waistline, and bad for your teeth unless you brush afterwards.

#6 – Mouthwash can help capture any bacteria you may have missed when brushing/flossing.

#7 – Have a new baby or grandchild? Bacteria can be passed from saliva (think sharing utensils, blowing on hot foods or tasting baby’s food) so be careful.

#8 – Have a tough time comfortably gripping a toothbrush? Special handle grippers and gadgets are available.