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Ever wonder how your BF can act so nonchalant about the chocolaty Kit Kat bar you so desperately crave? Could be genetics.

In a widely noted report, Danish researchers from the University of Copenhagen studied 6,500 people and discovered that folks with variants of the FGF21 gene were 20% more likely to crave sugary treats than their counterparts in the study.

The sweet versus savory question could also be a matter of taste —buds, that is. Other studies show that some people simply seem to have more sensitive taste buds for sweeter foods. Or that folks born with weaker senses of taste may crave more sugar to get what study author Danielle Reed, PhD, of Philadelphia’s Monell Chemical Senses Center calls “the same sweet punch.”

Four more theories to excuse/explain your sweet tooth include:

1/Childhood Experiences: Maybe grandmom baked you chocolate chip cookies when you had a cold, so you associate sweets with pleasurable feelings.

2/Fatigue: Our tired bodies crave sleep but shoot for the next best thing: sugar.

3/Sadness: Upset about your sister’s move to Texas? You may instinctively reach for the Haagen Daz since your body wants to comfort you with happy hormones.

4/Stress: O.K., so you’re too busy, or too stressed to eat, but once you morph into relax mode you simply grab any sweet in sight. (Flashing railroad crossing signals would help, huh?)

Whatever the reasons, next time you give into your sweet tooth (and that includes next week, folks!) be sure to at least rinse afterwards to help prevent your teeth from remaining coated with the acid-forming sugars.

AND, from all of here at Williamsburg Dental – have a great Halloween 2017!