New Laser Treatment Targets a Variety of Issues

We’re committed to staying up to date with the latest in today’s dental technology.

Recently, Williamsburg Dental purchased a diode laser to enhance the services that we offer to our patients. Lasers in dentistry are used to sculpt and contour gum tissue during esthetic treatments and to eliminate bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

Something you may not have heard about: We can also use the diode laser to stop the pain associated with cold sores! The laser deadens nerve cells, providing almost instant relief —and you won’t feel anything. According to many studies, cold sores can be less frequent and less intense after laser treatment.

All of our doctors and assistants have received comprehensive training to ensure the safe and effective use of the laser. We’re very excited to now offer this state-of-the art technology to our patients because it is safer and faster than other methods, and virtually pain-free. Ask us how laser dentistry can improve the health and appearance of your smile!