Who Needs Economic Indicators? We've Got the Tooth Fairy

A long-time Delta Dental annual survey called the “Original Tooth Fairy Poll” not only shows average Tooth Fairy gifts to children each year but compares the value of a lost tooth (The Tooth Fairy Index) to the U.S. Economy (S&P Index)!

The latest poll shows that the Tooth Fairy is being extremely generous these days! She (or he?) is leaving an average of $4.66 per tooth —that’s up from about $1.50 in 2000. Delta Dental’s survey site claims that “over time the Tooth Fair Index (TFI) shows that the value of a lost tooth is closely related to the U.S. Economy. In fact, in 12 of the past 13 years, the trend in average giving has tracked with the movement of the S&P 500.”

Does the Tooth Fairy visit your home? Become part of the survey and take the poll here.