Answering Teeth Whitening FAQs

Do you have stained, yellowed, or darkened tooth enamel? Are you looking for a way to brighten your smile? If you are interested in teeth whitening treatment but don’t know where to start, we can help! Here we will answer commonly asked questions about teeth whitening treatment in our Broomall, PA, dental office. We’re here to help educate patients on their dental treatment options, so they find the best way to care for their smiles and meet their cosmetic goals.

Teeth Whitening Treatment in Broomall, PA

Questions About Teeth Whitening in Broomall, PA

Some of the most common questions about teeth whitening treatment include:

What are the differences between take-home and in-office teeth whitening?

Both in-office and take-home whitening is customized to each patient. In-office teeth whitening treatment offers immediate results for patients and also helps patients attending special events, including birthdays, weddings, and graduations. Take-home whitening is a great option for patients with more sensitive teeth. These whitening treatments provide more gradual results.

Can I whiten my dental crowns or porcelain veneers?

Because crowns and veneers are made of ceramic materials, they do not react to whitening treatments. We typically also use crowns or veneers to cover damaged and discolored teeth. If patients have an old, discolored restoration, we can provide them with a replacement custom-made for their smile.

What are the benefits of professional teeth whitening treatment?

Professional teeth whitening treatments, in particular, offer more benefits over store-bought strips, toothpaste, or gels. Our whitening treatment delivers:

  • Reliable results
  • Faster treatment
  • Customized care

Unlike store-bought options, a professional whitening treatment can provide visible results. Patients attending upcoming special events like weddings, birthdays, or graduations can receive results in time for their events.

When will I see the results of my teeth whitening treatment?

You will be able to see noticeable results from whitening treatment about a week or two after treatment.

How can I treat intrinsic and extrinsic stains?

Intrinsic tooth stains are stains beneath the tooth surface or enamel. Typically, patients have intrinsic tooth stains because of a dental injury, overexposure to fluoride, or medications. Extrinsic stains are superficial stains in the tooth enamel. Foods, drinks, tobacco, and other products can stain the enamel over time.

We recommend teeth whitening treatment for patients with extrinsic stains because they bleach teeth and lift these stains on the enamel. Dental veneers, tooth bonding treatment, and even dental crowns benefit patients with intrinsic stains because they fully cover and protect teeth.

Do you want a brighter smile? Call Williamsburg Dental for teeth whitening treatment today at (610) 347-8302. You may also feel free to request a dental appointment with us online. Let us know if you have specific questions about your treatment or about whitening in general. We’re happy to help.